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Listed below is a collection of external resources about the Trojan War. This list will obviously continue to expand over time.



The Iliad, translated by Samuel Butler at Project Gutenberg. (This is more of a prose version, note that the gods have their Roman names.)
The Iliad, translated by Alexander Pope at Project Gutenberg. (More of a poetic version, also with the Roman names. It also has a great introduction.)


The Odyssey, translated by Samuel Butler at Project Gutenberg. (Again, a prose version with the Roman names, such as Odysseus being called Ulysses.)
The Odyssey, translated by William Cowper at Project Gutenberg. (A corresponding poetic version, again with Roman names.)

Other epics in the Epic Cycle

Proclus' Summary of the Epic Cycle (excepting the Telegony) starting with the Cypria. (This is part of the Perseus Collection at the Stoa Consortium.)
Fragments of the Epic Cycle listed at the Theoi E-Texts Library.

Fragments of the Cypria.


"Was There a Trojan War?" At the Archaeological Institute of America.
Troia Projekt at the University of Tübingen/Center for the Electronic Reconstruction of Historical and Archaeological Sites at the University of Cincinnati. (A great resource about the site of Troy itself, its varying epochs, and the legends associated with it.)

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