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The Abduction of Helen, by Francesco Primaticcio
 This is a blog dedicated to the Trojan War. From a fan's perspective, we'll explore the text, the myths, and the realities behind this legendary conflict, and in so doing, perhaps, we will gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. There is indeed, much that is still relevant in these millennia-old myths.

Who were the heroes that fought in this conflict? How was the conflict fought, and for what? Was it simply about the honor of the King Menelaus, who had his wife and other treasures stolen? Or was the impetus of the enterprise something that went much deeper?

What were the fates of the heroes and what was the political reality after the war was over? And finally, is there some truth behind these epic stories, or are they just pure myth?

Stay tuned, and we'll explore.

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  1. Good Blog on the novel Trojan War. Thanks